Half Start Line

The Half Marathon begins when the green flag is dropped at 7:00 AM! The Mustang 50th Half Marathon will utilize Pace Signs to line participants up at the Start Line. Preferred Start Corrals are available for anyone that can run a Half Marathon in 1:48:00 or less. Participants who submit proof will be placed in a Preferred Start Corral. Pace signs will be lining the remaining starting area. Participants are asked to line up according to their projected pace for the event. Please see the Start Line map for locations of Gear Check, portable toilets and pre-race medical. The 16-minutes per mile pace, the maximum pace allowed in the race, will begin when the last participant crosses the Start Line.

Start Line Map

Preferred Start Information - Proof Required

If you can run a Half Marathon distance in 1:48:00 or faster, you can be seeded toward the front of the starting area. You may request seeding after registration with proper proof. You must provide proof in the form of results from a road race that has occurred between April 1, 2013 and March 16, 2014 that is at least a 5K in distance. All submissions of seeding proof must be post-marked by March 21, 2014 no exceptions! To submit proof please either email a link to your results at info@Mustang50thHalfMarathon.com or mail your results to:
Mustang 50th Half Marathon Processing Center
Attn: Proof

16851 Southpark Drive, Suite 100
Westfield, IN 46074
All proofs need to include your name (clearly identified), date, and distance of the race.

  5K 4M 5M 10K 13.1 26.2
Level 1 0:18:50 0:24:40 0:31:30 0:40:00 1:30:00 3:10:00
Level 2 0:20:30 0:27:15 0:35:30 0:45:00 1:40:00 3:30:00
Level 3 0:21:40 0:29:00 0:38:00 0:48:00 1:48:00 3:50:00